Mar 19, 2009

the Vortex of Ego (FB)

I've been away from blogging. In fact, been away from a lot of things. For different reasons. One of them being that I recently joined FB and got caught up in its vortex. It lasted for 2 whole months but I managed to get out. Can't tell you just how much I disliked it. No light in it. No love. Just pure ego. 2 months too long. So easy to get caught up (in the self). A performance of the ego. Useless status updates, time wastage commentary, and photos photos and more photos. I can understand the "networking" aspect of it. Or connecting with old friends (though not something I particularly cared for). Those in my close circle, the ones that really matter, I connect with outside of cyberspace. Anyone else, I'd rather get to know the "old school" way: emails, phonecalls, or face-to-face interactions (we don't do enough of that anymore).

I missed blogging. I missed reading my favorite blogs. I missed posting my words. I'm comfortable here. And that's where I'll be.

(keeping the ego in check. dissolving the self.)

It's good to be back.
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