Mar 19, 2009

the Vortex of Ego (FB)

I've been away from blogging. In fact, been away from a lot of things. For different reasons. One of them being that I recently joined FB and got caught up in its vortex. It lasted for 2 whole months but I managed to get out. Can't tell you just how much I disliked it. No light in it. No love. Just pure ego. 2 months too long. So easy to get caught up (in the self). A performance of the ego. Useless status updates, time wastage commentary, and photos photos and more photos. I can understand the "networking" aspect of it. Or connecting with old friends (though not something I particularly cared for). Those in my close circle, the ones that really matter, I connect with outside of cyberspace. Anyone else, I'd rather get to know the "old school" way: emails, phonecalls, or face-to-face interactions (we don't do enough of that anymore).

I missed blogging. I missed reading my favorite blogs. I missed posting my words. I'm comfortable here. And that's where I'll be.

(keeping the ego in check. dissolving the self.)

It's good to be back.


Anonymous Fabiola said...

Welcome back!

True dat, on FB being all about the ego. I've been lost in it since like August until last month when I decided to give it up.

I love blogging too, I brought my space back up..

And this I couldn't agree with more:
"Those in my close circle, the ones that really matter, I connect with outside of cyberspace. Anyone else, I'd rather get to know the "old school" way: emails, phonecalls, or face-to-face interactions (we don't do enough of that anymore)."

2:52 AM  
Blogger ahnka said...

You were missed as well. Glad you're back.

I'm an avid FB-avoider. One might argue that blogging is as ego-centric, but I feel like the connections made are more organic, made out of genuine interest in stories and experiences. I love blogging and reading blogs too.

6:38 AM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

Fab! SO happy you have your own blog space again. happy to read your words again. much love.

props to you for avoiding FB. i agree with your blogging comment, yes it's about the self too, but somehow (at least with the blogs I follow) more genuine, deeper connections are made through everyone's stories and experiences. the sense of community i've experienced with other bloggers, especially when i intitially started (and Fab remembers this) definitely felt genuine and organic.

12:01 PM  
Blogger glued blue glass said...

I have become a bit FB obssessed as well. I like the fact that I have a way to superficially keep up with some of the folks that I have met along my wandering way. But I can see how it is difficult to truly share. I tend to also use FB to post articles that I want people to read or to donate my status to the people of Gaza. Somehow I think that I am exposing folks that wouldn't normally be exposed to reality. Still, I am glad you are back because you inspire me so!!!

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Fabiola said...

I know I'm glad to be back and chatting it up with you via your blog!!
I love your words/ inspiring lady.
Now, do you have a twitter? :-) That's another one there.
I remember that PQ...yes, the connections are very genuine/deep/ b/c of story-based, experience sharing blog posts..and it's true there are some stuff that is promoted on FB that aren't very superficial like donating status to bring attention to Gaza casualties, and posting links to important stories..

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh sister, I was just telling my roommate how status updates are driving me crazy! I've decided that I will only update words that have impacted my life that I can share with others. I missed your blogs soooo much! I am so glad you are back.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Fabiola said...

i just got lured back in FB...I must be ego centric...:-/

7:53 PM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

I know so many people who've done the on and off thing with FB. And honestly girl, I didn't mean to sound so judgmental...I mean, to a certain extent we're all caught up in ego....but it doesn't necessarily make us egocentric :)

i'm still not missing FB....but the vortex is strong!!!

9:58 PM  
Blogger parami10 said...

Good to see you're back to blogging! :)

PS: I'm doing the Poem-a-Day challenge! (

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anna said...

I'm glad you're back. On a blog you are able to reach more people than you can imagine - including the quiet people like myself who enjoy your words and insights but seldom let you know that what you say has an impact. Facebook is a place for collecting 'friends' and sharing generally inane banter with people you already know in some respect. So you are posting links to important stories there, but only to people you are already 'friends' with. Here you speak to more people than you know. And I thank you for inspiring me.

5:02 PM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

K, your poems inspire me more than i express to you. thank you for writing. glad to be back on the blog. been doing a lot of writing outside the blogspace but hope to keep up with posting.

thank you for your comment. it's hard to know who reads my words and i know most people who do do not comment. so i appreciate your kind words. you are right, on our blogs, we speak to more people than we know.

much love,

8:06 PM  

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