Jan 9, 2007

open letters

there are so many letters i need to write. these are words (feelings) i need to express and expunge. i'm not good with spoken words. i seem to say the wrong things. i say too much. i speak impulsively. i speak with my emotions. my words give too much of me away. they leave me open and raw.

so i need to write.

to those who never understood me.
to those who continue to misunderstand me.

this is me. love me as i am. have no expectations of me. don't see flaws. see the beauty in me. see the love in me. and leave it at that. nothing more, nothing less.

i write

i release

to those who aim their insecurities at me.
to those who judge me without knowing me.

don't pollute me with your insecurities. if you do, i will block you with love and Truth. i choose freedom from anger and resentment. i choose freedom from your negative energy. i choose peace.

i write

i release

to the one(s) who fell out of love with me.
to the one(s) who cho(o)se to love me from a distance.

don't take my love for granted. my love is from the depths of my being. choose to love me right or not at all. choose to love me right or sincerely let me go.



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