Nov 19, 2009

My grandmother used to sing this. Words of a beautiful poet put to the saddest song. But this is the sound of mashreq. Sorrow music. I sat on my bed tonight, playing this over and over. And I cried hard. Rocking myself to the rhythm of distance.
And for a moment, nothing made sense. Twenty two years. None of it. Except the heaviness of loss. I wanted them here with me. All of them. Even the ones who took flight. I wanted them here, in this room. Telling me to release it all from my bones.


Blogger Sareh said...

ooooh. breath-taking.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Cashew said...

uff. i can't understand the words but the music makes my heart hurt. so beautiful. who is the singer?

6:25 AM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

the singer's name is Shajarian and the poet is Fereydoon Moshiri.

5:22 PM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

here's the poem in Farsi. wish i had time to translate it. i will soon.

پر کن پياله را
کين جام آتشين
ديري ست ره به حال خرابم نمي برد
اين جامها -که در پي هم مي شود تهي-
درياي آتش است که ريزم به کام خويش،
گرداب مي ربايد و، آبم نمي برد! * * *
من، با سمند سرکش و جادويي شراب،
تا بي کران عالم پندار رفته ام
تا دشت پر ستارۀ انديشه هاي گرم
تا مرز ناشناخته مرگ و زندگي
تا کوچه باغ خاطره هاي گريز پا،
تا شهر يادها...
ديگر شراب هم
جز تا کنار بستر خوابم نمي برد، * * *
هان اي عقاب عشق!
از اوج قله هاي مه آلود دور دست
پرواز کن به دشت غم انگيز عمر من
آنجا ببر مرا که شرابم نمي برد!
آن بي ستاره ام که عقابم نمي برد! * * *
در راه زندگي،
با اينهمه تلاش و تمنا و تشنگي،
با اينکه ناله مي کشم از دل که: آب... آب!
ديگر فريب هم به سرابم نمي برد!

پر کن پياله را ...

5:23 PM  

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