Oct 17, 2009

Even the Sun Moves On

i move circular. ending up in the same place, always. i am both shadows of the moon, the darkest part of this solar eclipse. in distance. orbiting around you. this is how i love you. cyclical. elliptical. compulsive like gravity's pull. this remote love, this distorted trajectory. and i keep praying to unlove you. a different song, different movement. a solstice dance to tilt me away from the sun. before it too, moves away from me.


Blogger Sareh said...

beautiful. i just saw a painting about the circular motion of life. the painting had a poem in it. the poem was written by an old indian chief. beautiful. i will post the poem.
xoxo, sareh

ps i'm baa-aack!

11:56 PM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...


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