Sep 28, 2009

Hear me Say I'm Ready for This

needed to vent today. escaped to my safe haven (one of main reasons i'm still in toronto). my life has been on fast forward and i'm catching breaths in between glitches. everyone around me going through some difficult movements; it's do or die, she said. yeah. that's why i'm busting the moves hard. exhausted. but lineage means beauty of walking hard. i long ago carved that into the soles of my feet. the promise of movement always. it's in my blood. you hear?

the most selfish of times and the most giving. i feel fragmented yet incredibly solid. committed and ephemeral. negotiating contradictions. embracing them. loving my idiosyncrasies (my crazies). loving myself. it's been a journey getting here (saturn is unforgiving no doubt). but i'm here. ready. drawing strength and protection from ancestors. so i'm in. all the way. do or die, right?

i wear her ring on a chain around my neck. lineage of intuition and song guiding me. telling me to keep dancing. so i am.

i am.


Blogger sophistiphunk said...

o saturn!
harsh. harsh like lights up in the club at the end of the night, harsh.
love you.

4:57 PM  

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