Jul 14, 2009

I am never dating emo artists again.

Words to live by.

My name is Pomegranate Queen, and I’m a recovering emo-dater. I’m also a self-identifying emo. I can tell you from experience that two emo’s don’t make a right. What they do is create a whole lot of unnecessary drama. Agony is not a beautiful thing. Neither is bad poetry.

This year has been intense. Too many planetary retrogrades. Too much resurfacing trauma. Too much processing that went along with it. And a whole lot of guilt. Perspective ceases to exist when you’re drowning in a pool of self-deprecation. It leads to more guilt, which then translates into more angst. And more bad poetry. The quintessential cycle of emo-dom.

Please don’t take my sardonic tone as anything but my need to make light of a serious issue that has serious effects on people in my life, including myself. They call us emo; I say we have been blessed with the ability to hit the most intense of emotions. We experience life in the most extreme way, for better or worse. Many of us live through art; writing, painting, dancing those very emotions that take us to the most beautiful and euphoric of places, and also to shit holes. Because with such gifts come emotional cyclones. But after every storm the sky clears, eventually.

So what have my 31 years of emo-ness taught me? To never fall in love with another emo. Easier said than done. But what my fellow emos need to realize is that when the ground beneath you starts to shake, when you begin tripping all over yourself, you need someone who can ground you. Someone who, despite not knowing what you’re going through, has the intuition and understanding to let you trip, but is there to catch you before you smash your face into the pavement.

But alas. We can’t help who we fall in love with. That’s just part of being emo, I suppose. Depressing thought? I’m off to write a poem about it.


Blogger parami10 said...

i feel you PQ!

2 emos is mo' than 'nuff emo. no mo'! no mo'!

but seriously, sometimes it can work another way - the other person's emo-ness might draw out the rock solid part of yourself to counter-balance. and visa versa. depends on a lot of factors i guess!

on the other hand, seems like it's harder to write poems when happy. an interesting challenge i've put before myself. how to write mo' po' when not emo?


2:32 PM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

oh p10! your comment is great. it's true, the love situation depends on a lot of factors.

i definitely hear you on the poem writing issue when happy. it is definitely a challenge of mine as well.

mo' po' when no emo! love it.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post.

12:38 AM  

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