Jun 1, 2009

The last few months have passed fast. Time has become something precious, like all the life transformations that have arisen in the mix. I'm where I want to be and still walking hard. My blistered feet find comfort in a new kind movement. Every step counts. So I'm treading this path carefully.

This year brought loss. It also brought many blessings. That's how life goes, I suppose.

I recognize beauty in a way I never had. I wrap the beautiful things tight inside the palms of my hands. Live love, love life, lift myself above all the bullshit. Patience is not something I've ever been good at. But I'm finding patience for the things that matter. I'm saying peace to anything else.

I had always chosen to walk alone, thinking I'm the only one who had my back. Now I recognize I never really did, in the way I should. But I see that now (on the good days). What I also see is those who've been walking with me this whole time. I've never been alone.

These blistered feet walk side by side those in my life who have my back in more ways than I ever recognized.

My loved ones. The beauty of your sore limbs and mine. Moving together.

I see you. I love you. I walk with you.


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