Jun 13, 2009

In the Bones

This year brought significant loss. I said goodbye to two important people in my life, one by choice, the other, not. Grieving loss takes time, I know this, intellectually. Emotionally though, I have blocked a lot. But that's a survival mechanism, I suppose. To process on a daily would take a toll. But not dealing at all also damages. I've been having body pains again, this time it's tensions and soreness all over my back and shoulders. I thought it was due to bad posture, heavy bags, injury from yoga. And it probably is a combination of all those things. But after a slight emotional breakdown tonight (triggered from Iranian elections, thoughts of home, looking at photos of grandma, working on a difficult poem) I realized the tightness is the grief I've been holding in. Heaviness pressing deep into my muscles, my bones.

My body always tells me so much. I just don't always listen to it.

I know it's time to actively process the grief. And there's much to write. Much to write.


Blogger glued blue glass said...

Listen to your body. I've been having back issues this week too. I finally let my osteopath doctor touch my back and realign me. She said that I had been out of alignment for years. But this week, I am returning to listening to my body and heart. I am glad that you are doing the same. Please know that you are in my thoughts, PQ.
About the elections, I need to read up on how they went. I heard a clip on the news about how the US was hoping for a more "friendly" government. When I hear that word used concerning Arab countries, I cringe but cannot speak for Iran. I would love to hear your thoughts.

12:33 PM  
Blogger sophistiphunk said...

sending my love

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Blogger Negin said...


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