Apr 4, 2009

Reflection Eternal

With the beginning of Spring things have been (re)surfacing in a major way. In my culture, the equinox not only marks the beginning of our calendar year, but it's also a time of renewal and rebirth. On the last Wednesday of the year, we jump over bonfires to rid ourselves of any sickness of the spirit and ask the fire to give us strength. Rejuvenation.

zardi-ye man as to, sorkhi-ye to as man

The last few weeks have been particularly trying. I have to come to certain realizations about myself. Heavy? Yes. But healing and personal growth don't come easy. And I am thankful for every moment, no matter how difficult. I am still processing it all, but there's a certain calm that has come over me, for the first time in my life. I am in tune with myself in a way I never thought possible. My intuition is turning inwards, something I have never experienced before with such intensity. Knowledge of self, which is ultimately a connection to something much, much bigger. An endless reflection of self, a reflection of that which is eternal: Love.


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