Sep 27, 2007

The Legendary

i've been a late comer to comics. well, not entirely true. i grew up reading whatever B.C. and DC comic books baba had around. then after we moved to canada, i got hooked on Archie comics. and apart from a science journal my mom had subscribed me to, my love affair with comics (and nerdcore reading, for that matter) got put on hiatus when i hit puberty. so when my passion for reading made a comeback, that of comics didn't. or maybe it did and i didn't pursue it. i was too busy nerding out on music (another story for another time).

recently though comics entered my life again. and in a major way. i've been up on all sort of graphic novels. i'm making up for lost time. i've been paying visits to local comic stores and browsing online ones. i've been digging stores in other cities when i get the chance (the one on St.Mark's in New York kicks ass!). i've been hounding down old issues. my book shelf is starting to overflow (ok, i'm exaggerating. but by the looks of things, it will soon).

i want to dedicate this blog entry to one of my favorite (could say my most favorite) comics of all time: Love and Rockets. here's to Los Bros Hernandez for creating the most refreshing characters and story lines. and doing it with such artistic mastery.


Blogger Ktrion said...

Locas in Love, baby, I'm right there with ya!

3:25 PM  
Blogger margaret said...

I haven't read Love and Rockets in so long! Thank you for reminding me of them.

3:07 AM  

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