May 21, 2007

I PMS, therefore I am (a woman)

If there was a poster child for the fucked up, patriarchal, medicalized diagnosis known as, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, it would be me. I become highly emotional and hyper-sentitive. I usually become sad, depressed and negative (a total downer to be around). Trivial things become magnified into larger issues. And large issues become unbearable to deal with. I cry a lot and have trouble communicating with a clear head, because i am too overwhelmed by my emotions.

i guess i wouldn't make a very good ceo of a big shot corporate company. (wink wink)

So in this patriarchial society of ours, I am seen to be irrational and perhaps "crazy" for a few days out of the month. Why? Because I become more emotional than a "normal" person (read: man).

But we all know the deal. It's our society that doesn't know how to deal with expression of emotion, especially a society that is drenched with WASP-iness (white anglo-saxon protestant values). Sure, I might become emotional and hyper-sensitive. But you know what? I also become incredibly intuitive. I become incredibly creative. my artistic tendencies flourish during my pre-menstrual days. In my emotionally heightened state, I am more loving than usual. I am more sensual and incredible at love-making. I am fully aware of my senses and feel so deeply.

This is a time that i need to cherish and appreciate. After many years of being on birth control pills, and finally feeling what it feels to have a real period and a real pre-menstrual experience, I have learned just how important these days of the month are to me.

So to those who choose to medicalize and symptomize this as hormonal imbalance (read: abnormality) that must be controlled and contained (via "help" from the multi-billion dollar pharmacuetical industry), I say kiss my pms-loving ass.



Anonymous deviousdiva said...

Peace (and respect to you for this)

I have two words: ME TOO

6:52 AM  
Blogger lyric said...

apparently, there's now a "cure" for this, er, "ailment"

how scary is that?

12:13 PM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

deviousdiva! it's been a minute! hope all is well. i've been visiting your blog and so glad you've been at it all this time.

thanks for the comment. i appreciate to hear other people who feel similarly.


1:08 PM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

lyric, thanks for passing along the link! WTF?! i'm so disgusted. really and truly, i am.

1:13 PM  
Blogger skyscraper said...

oh, that is f***ing sick! the menstruation-stopping or -altering pills, i mean. seriously, menstruating is straight-up one of the most natural and vitally necessary acts we experience, and as "raw nature" as it gets--i can't conceive how anyone can even think about getting rid of it for the sake of 'convenience'? god, people are getting more and more plastic and forgetting that we all (including themselves) are living, breathing, child-bearing human beings, not just some mannequins for prada and red carpets...

i'm sure in the long run women who take such nature-altering medications will develop the most brutal cases of some sort of cancer and whatnot, and will screw up their bodies for the rest of their lives. how pathetic and pitiful.

sorry, PQueen, for this gloomy outburst... ;)

thank you for bringing up this very womanly and very empowering topic tho. funny, but as much as i hear/know/read about P.M.S., i don't believe i experience anything of that sort. that's why i can't even tell when my period is coming as my mood doesn't change. i do get some physiological sense that it's coming the day of, but that's about it... or maybe i'm so imperceptive of myself... hell knows.

good to see you're blogo-active and well, girl. it's been ages.

tons of love.

1:44 PM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

where have you been! i missed you! i've been checking your blog but haven't seen new posts so i figured you were done blogging for a while.
hope all is good with you.
tons of love to you too.

11:07 PM  
Blogger skyscraper said...


i've been missing you as hell as well, and equally strongly a few of my other special women that i know thru the blogworld.

yep, been done with blogging for a while, just like i've been done with a few other things. i'm in a very different place and space in my life now. however, i do miss blogging and writing. i do write, but mostly for myself (and my therapist. hehe) nowadays.

don't get me wrong girl--i miss writing about my life, my thoughts, my experiences like crazy, but i also have been put thru too much shit by this thing called life so my priority is to deal with that first and foremost now, before going public.

plus, i'd gotten tired of what i'd been writing--so i'm definitely trying to turn my mentality around, as in being more positive, more spiritual, and more spiritually healthy in terms of how i view the world and interact with it.

i've learned quite a few things about myself lately, among others. it's quite a few radical changes, but i enjoy them truly and with open heart and mind: and that's all that matters.

for instance, i realized that i am a bisexual (at least at this point of my life). so, you can imagine what kind of changes that along can bring into one's life...

but enough about me--how are things with you? email me some time and in the meantime i will keep coming back here once in a while to leave my feedback to your brilliance that you leave on these pages. thank you for keeping on. that gives me inspiration and strength in ways you can't imagine.


4:59 AM  
Blogger pomegranate queen said...

oh girl,
we have clearly been going through some similar things. i will email you so we don't communicate publically, but i'm happy to hear you are finding your path to's a process and i'm going through it too.
we'll be in touch.
peace girl,

3:40 AM  
Blogger g n said...

will look forward to your email, lady. so, you'd better write it :]]

in the meantime, i sympathize and empathize with (since you say that it's similar to my experience, and since i trust you) anything you are going thru, and also i love you dearly, and will continue to feel this way no matter what.

i have too much to tell-no pages in the world [physical or virtual] could tell my story. but maybe we will eventually meet in person... and then we'll talk on a soul level.

i hope we will

i love and cherish you and your incredible wisdom and intelligence dearly (as you know, i'm sure) from the very first time i'd read and responded to you post--i remember it tore and touched my soul so deeply that i will never forget it (even if i wanted do)

anyways, i look forward to your email(s), insha-allah

peace and love always. and much more.


4:32 AM  
Blogger AMOR CUBANO said...

you just made me love being on PMS. thank you.

2:00 AM  

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