Jul 19, 2006

Whose Lives are More Precious?

Media coverage of what is happening in Lebanon reeks of racist bias. It is not a surprise. It is absolutely sickening. As Jonathan Cook wrote in a recent article,

"The BBC is no worse than CNN, Sky and, of course, Fox News. It is possibly far better, which is reason enough why we should be outraged that this is the best international broadcast coverage we are likely to get of the conflict. The reporting we are seeing from the BBC and the other broadcasters is racist; there is no other word to describe it. The journalists’ working assumption is that Israeli lives are more precious, more valuable than Lebanese lives. A few dead Israelis justify massive retaliation; many Lebanese dead barely merit a mention."

Many of us have expressed feeling helpless. We may not be able to stop the death and destruction, but one thing we can do is spread the word on what is actually happening in Lebanon. There are alternative media sources that are providing information on what is not being covered by mainstream media. Let's get this information out there.


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