May 15, 2006

Writer's Block or Distraction...or Neither?
(conversations with inanimate objects or
becoming a hermit)

OK. So I need to get my ass in gear and write. But it's tough man, I feel like I'm distracted. Honestly, all I wanna do right now is make music. It's like currently my creative energy is all about sound and less about the written word. (GASP) did I just say that? Are my musical tendencies betraying the writer in me? Or is there room for both? Is this even a question of distraction (procrastination?) or a matter of feeling creative on different levels? Isn't it all about creative energy being channeled in whatever way one is feeling at that point in time? But if I want to eat off my creativity (and pay the rent, etc.) then shouldn't I be focussing on one thing...containing the creativity? I mean, you can't really do everything, or can you?

I wanna be a renaissance woman godamnit!!

So, I'm sitting here at this pathetic excuse for a desk (it actually belongs to a hobbit), and I'm looking over to the corner of the room where I can feel the stare of my guitar and keyboard, they're putting on the pressure, like,
"Hey, stop trying to write man, come over here and forget about the damn computer" (yes, inanimate objects talking)
So, I contemplate for a sec, take a look at the blank screen, and finally say,
"Whatever, I can do both!"
I mean, if I divide my time wisely, I can do everything, right? (how beautiful is that naive optimism?)

So there you have it. I'm going to borrow my friend's turntables and soon it will be me, my music and my writing...Then, I will turn into a hermit and that will be it...PQ, not to be seen or heard from for a while...

Just call it The Hiatus
(and hopefully not of the Diamond D variety)



Blogger skyscraper said...

wow, girl,
you make music! how wonderful. i think it's not a problem that your creativity is fighting to come out through a different channel this time around. i think it's great that it's able to, and that you have so many various ways of expressing it... every which way of expressing oneself and one's artistic side is beautiful to me, just as long as one does.
i'm sure your music is as beautiful and soulful as your poetry and prose.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Pomegranate Queen said...

thanks sky, ya, i'm getting into it more seriously now but it's always been there...the music i mean.
it's truly beautiful to be able to express oneself artistically in different ways, it really is. it's refreshing and inspiring.

5:33 PM  

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