Apr 7, 2006

Consensual Genocide

If you haven't heard of the very talented, kick-ass and lovely Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha then you should get on that right away!

Leah is an inspiring and incredible spoken word/writer/poet/arts educator whose words hit you with the most beautiful intensity.

Check out her long awaited first collection of poetry, Consensual Genocide.

"Tracing bloodlines from Sri Lanka 's civil wars to Brooklyn and Toronto streets, these fierce poems are full of heart and guts, unafraid of telling raw truths about brown girl border crossings before and after 9/11, surviving abuse, mixed-race identities and femme lives. Telling the story of a young queer woman of color's coming of age amidst the fractures of her family and culture, decolonizing her spirit, body and heart, these poems tell stories we've been waiting for."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you.
The world has blossomed to me, again. When I find an artist that speaks to me, I feel as though the earth has opened-up/blossomed, and I am witness to it!

Thanks, so much, for telling us about this great writer :)

XO snd

2:00 AM  

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